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False Alarms

False alarms not only have a negative impact on you but they can impact your community. They can be caused by user error, acts of nature, faulty equipment and quite often through poor system design, engineering, installation and testing.

False alarms can:

  • Waste your time and interfere with your busy life
  • Cost you money. It varies by community but many will charge for false alarm calls made by police and fire.
  • Put unnecessary demands on your community police and fire protection resources.

How to Reduce False Alarms

    Though you can't do anything to prevent an act of nature, you can and should:
  • Choose an expert to design, engineer, install and test your system.
  • Make sure everyone who will be using the system is familiar with its operation.
  • Keep a simple instruction sheet for basic use of your system handy.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to cancel an accidental alarm.
  • Know your exit and entry delays and plan accordingly.
  • Be aware that moving objects on the premises can activate motion sensors. They can be chosen and set to help accommodate pets.
  • Keep your list of emergency contacts and phone numbers 100% up to date with us.
  • Contact us in the event of any remodeling work affecting motion detectors, doors or windows.
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