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Security Risks

Whether you commute to work each day or not, many of us have some routine schedules that a professional can figure out fairly easily. These same professionals can get in and out of an unprotected home, valuables in hand, in 10 minutes or less. It’s not just your valuables that are targeted; sometimes your lives or your pets may be in danger.

When deciding to protect your family and your possessions, it is important to analyze your current risks. It is also good practice to imagine as much as possible from the perspective of a burglar, both amateur and experienced. The key is to first look at physical security to make sure your home is difficult to enter. The next area is electronic security to provide automatic reaction to an attempt to invade your home. See our Security Tips section for some ideas on improving your home’s security.

Start with the perimeter and get into the burglar’s view of your home. Look at entry doors. Do they have a side window which is often a weak point for kicking in a door if not reinforced? Are they made of solid materials? Do they have deadbolts? How are they attached to the home?

Look at the sliding doors; can they be lifted off the track? Is there a visible bar that keeps the door from sliding if the lock is broken?

With windows, are there security bars installed? Are they obvious enough to be a visual deterrent?

What valuables are in sight?

Do you leave any windows or doors open or unlocked? Do you leave any second story windows open, especially above a garage roof or near a balcony?

Are there shadows in your yard or near your home that could be used as a great hiding place?

Is there anything (typically trees and shrubbery) covering windows or doors that may provide a burglar a great opportunity for an unseen break-in?

Is it obvious when you’re at work or on vacation?. Is the interior of your home dark, are your newspaper deliveries or mail piling up?

Are your driveway and entryways lit for your own personal safety when you come home and leave?

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