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Central Monitoring

Setting and exceeding industry standards, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of our monitoring center team 24/7.

Ratings and Clearance.

UL-listed, FM-approved, and a very rare DOD-cleared status. Assisted UL in creating paperless standard for monitoring stations.

Serious Back-Up and Disaster Preparedness.

Multi-layered Redundancy, Exceeding UL Standards.

This means we have full preparedness for disaster recovery, ability to shift loads to balance emergency staffing, etc.


Two fully redundant locations with exactly the same systems and information. All updates automatically save to each redundant server in each location.


With identical and redundant MAStermind monitoring servers and receiving equipment running at each location, we’ve got quadruple hardware redundancy to protect you.


We have two different types of phone connections from two different companies at each of our two locations to make sure we’re always live and ready to assist you.


Uninterrupted city power grid, power generator, UPS battery backup. While UL calls for 4 hours for the servers only, we’re set to run the entire center for 12 hours.


Redundant phone switches and fiber routing on all phone lines in each location adds assurance that we’ll be ready and waiting to help.

This means we have full preparedness for disaster recovery no matter time or place.

Monitoring Services

Residential and Commercial Monitoring.

Includes monitoring of security system and connected elements including smoke detectors, if applicable.

Fire Panel Monitoring.

Includes monitoring of Fire Alarm Control Panel and Daily Timer service.

Daily Timer.

Automatic, daily testing of communication between security panel, fire panel, if applicable and monitoring center.

Weekly Timer.

Automatic, weekly testing of communication between security panel and monitoring center.

Open/Close, Log Only.

Will generate open and close reports showing time in, time out and the user accessing the system. With commercial uses obvious, this can also be used to monitor service providers in your home and when they arrived and left.

Open/Close, Supervised.

In addition to generating reporting, any open or close outside of an allotted schedule will initiate immediate contact.

Video Verification.

Upon alarm, video from on site cameras will automatically be sent to a monitoring center technician who can then act appropriately based on camera video.

Cellular Backup.

GSM communication backup between security panel and monitoring center.

Internet Monitoring.

IP/Internet communication backup between security panel and monitoring center.

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