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Secure Your Home and the Earth’s Future.

Security Solutions is a premier provider of exclusive, affordable home automation & security systems with around-the-clock monitoring. Our solutions are designed to bring ease, peace and simplicity to your life with installation standards far above the industry norm.

Imagine a system that converges the security system’s awareness of your presence with the latest in automation to create a remarkably intelligent system that reacts to you to save energy, offer convenience and increase safety in a way that is simple and affordable.

Imagine what can be done when your lighting, heating and cooling (and anything else that uses power and resources) reacts to your presence in a room or hallway or to your being home, away, on vacation, going to bed, getting up in the morning or leaving a door or window open.

What you get is a system incredibly responsive to you with more opportunity to cut energy usage and costs all at a price previously unheard of.

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