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We Did it

Rising Energy Costs and Environmental Impact

After years of lifestyle and systems analiysis, we've developed a simple, automatic and affordable solution to help address both of these concerns. We've converged the security system's awareness of your presence with the latest in automation to create a remarkably intelligent system that reacts to you to save energy, offer convenience and increase safety.

A System That Reacts to You

Now the best of what's offered in security, control and automation of your home's lighting, automatic reaction by your thermostat, and shut down of devices that consume power even when they appear off, is easy and affordable. You will save a lot of wasted energy and money while protecting your home and family, not to mention the future of our planet.

We Have Cut Utility Bills in Half

Testing Our Impact

Please see below for the actual figures from the electric bills from our original test home. The system was in various states of testing and completion throughout but what was achieved toward the end of the test period (and sustained since) is a savings of around 50% from the year prior. Results will vary based on many factors. We'd be happy to discuss the potential of a Green Living System for your home. We're a phone call away.

What We Did

We just focused on using everything that was already there less by eliminating waste. We didn't replace any appliances or windows or even make simple gains like caulking (for the sake of the test period). Most importantly, since the system is automatic, the home owner doesn't really have to do anything except for live comfortably. No sitting in the dark, no uncomfortable temperatures. The only thing given up is wasted energy and an inflated utility bill.

See Home Automation for more details on what we control to make these improvements.

We Secure Peace of Mind

Advanced Security

This is not just an energy-saving automation system. An integral element is the foundation of the latest burglar alarm systems. With is, accompanies all of the scurity features that you'd expect from an afvanced system. As with everything we offer, each piece undergoes extensive laboratory testing. Please visit Alarm Systems for more details.

Elite System Monitoring

After the system is installed, we're just getting started. While our central monitoring center is setting and exceeding industry standards, you can rest easy knowing that that the multi-layered back up systems mean that we're always there. For more information, please visit our Central Monitoring page.

Save Energy, Save Money, Protect Our Future

The Coal Problem

While oil gets a lot of attention, we join climate expert James Hansen in focusing our efforts on reducing coal Co2 emissions. Mr. Hansen recently wrote that "coal is responsible for as much atmospheric carbon dioxide as the other fossil fuels combined and its reserves make coal even more important for the long run." The way we can make a difference, right this second, is to cut energy use.

Regardless of Where Your Energy Comes From

By saving today we protect ours and our children's future. Reduce pollution which contributes to global warming. Increase national security by reducing our reliance on foreign oil. Reduce the demand our ever-growing gadget collections and population puts on the grid which cannot keep up. Even if you plan on a renewable source such as solar, please first consider the benefit of putting your house on a low energy diet so you can install a much smaller solar system.

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