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Home Automation

We did it.

At Security Solutions, we have converged the security system’s awareness of your presence with the latest in automation to create a remarkably intelligent system that reacts to you to save energy, offer convenience and increase safety in a way that is simple and affordable.

After years of lifestyle and systems analysis, Security Solutions has developed Encoded Intelligence™ to offer an exclusive, advanced, yet simple & affordable home automation system that reacts to YOU based on:

  • Occupancy
  • Your status: Home, Away, Vacation, Night
  • Your Activities
  • Unique, Customizable Reactions to Different Household Members

Safety ● Comfort ● Convenience ● Environmental Responsibility


Your home systems will operate more efficiently and only when needed, cutting down on your utility costs and reducing emissions.


Automated functions will automatically react to YOU. Manual operation is intuitive and simple.


Your home looks lived in while you’re away and you’ll never have to come home to a dark house or walk down a dark hallway again.

Lighting Control

We’re not just talking about dimmers and timers. Automation and control of yard, path, interior, security lighting and more. Simple operation. Lights that react to YOUR presence. Photocells to sense light & darkness. Motion-activated lighting. Lifestyle-focused lighting scenes activated with the touch of a button. Never walk into a dark house or down a dark hallway again. Your light bulbs will last longer. Save energy, save money, shrink your footprint.

Heating and Cooling Control

This is not a programmable thermostat from the local home improvement store - a very good thing because it controls the systems that account for more than 50% of your home’s energy consumption.

  • Tied into security, it will know when you’re not home so temperatures can be set back for savings.
  • When you are, it tests your home’s heating, cooling and insulation efficiency to avoid costly cycling on and off while still keeping you comfortable.
  • It considers temperature and humidity so it might activate the fan alone instead of with the air conditioner.
  • You can observe activity with the system runtime graph.
  • Your air conditioner and furnace will last longer.
  • You’ll use less energy, save money and reduce your footprint.
Our heating and cooling control has its only two priorities in line: keeping you comfortable and saving energy.

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