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Installation Standards

Our installation standards far exceed the industry norm so you can be sure your system is installed as carefully as it was designed. Ask our competitors if everything below is standard in their installation work.

Rare Earth Contacts.

Used in all hard-wired applications. h4er magnets reduce false alarms caused by slight shifting of doors and windows due to temperature change, wind, etc.

Solder and Seal.

Each connection is soldered and sealed with heat shrink instead of using screw down terminals. It takes longer but it is the surest connection and is significantly more insulated from corrosive elements.


Not only do we test every aspect of the system when we’re done, but each prewire is tested before the walls are closed and each system is pre-programmed in our lab before delivery and installation.


Not everyone uses these but, for your safety, they should. We install resistors for every sensor in the system to assure that tampering with the wiring will also cause an alarm.

Every opening gets a zone.

No hardware or programming shortcuts. Having separate zones means that you and the call center’s support will know exactly where the alarm was triggered. It also makes bypassing individual windows if you’d like to let the breeze in.


Systems are programmed in our laboratory prior to your installation. This means system works the first time and in less time in your home.

Covert Installation.

Our technicians will arrive in an unmarked vehicle so your security system installation stays your business.

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