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Internal Greening Initiative

As we do everything we can to help our clients reduce their energy consumption, we are always reinvesting into our own, internal greening efforts.

Though the wish list remains long, we have accomplished a lot so far:

  • Dimmers are installed throughout our office allowing us both automation and complete control of the lighting level so we only use what’s needed at any given time.
  • Occupancy sensors are installed to be sure bathroom lights and fans are on only while occupied.
  • We created and diligently follow our paperless processes and filing system.
  • We email our newsletters instead of printing and sending them by post.
  • We’ve cancelled all print publications and accept only digital versions.
  • We use an EcoQuest air purifier for greener office air when the doors are closed.
  • We have live plants inside to help with clean air.
  • We have installed a solatube in our windowless office to harvest daylight and cut down on the need to use artificial lighting.
  • We are upgrading our recycling program.
  • We have implemented a growing telecommuting program to cut down on our team members’ driving where possible.
  • We commute together for events.
  • We use reusable towels to cut down on paper towel usage in the kitchen.
  • We have brought in dishes, glassware and cutlery to cut down on disposable items.
  • We use green cleaning products.
  • We open our office and dock doors when the temperature is moderate to bring in fresh air and keep the heating and cooling systems off.
  • We promote dressing appropriately for the season and set the thermostat just to the edge of comfortable.
  • We do our best to come up with green promotions like planting a tree for every e-newsletter sign up.
  • We are the lead organizer for the local Green Drinks chapter.
  • We strive every day to do better.

Some future projects we’re investigating:

  • Field trips to wilderness conservancies / awareness days.
  • Text clients “flex your power” alerts.
  • Beach clean ups.
  • Installing LED bulbs throughout our facility.
  • Installing solar panels.
  • Converting our work vehicles  to more efficient models.
  • Installing waterless urinals.
  • Installing water efficient faucets.
  • Moving our field force to 4, 10 hour work days to reduce travel and emissions.
  • Expand our telecommuting program.
  • Eventually…build a LEED Platinum Certified Headquarters

Other Causes

  • We have successfully run a promotion where for every email address added to our e-newsletter list, we plant a tree.  In addition to being a great cause, it’s also a lot of fun as everone getst to choose from things like humanitarian (food, shade), global warming reduction (cooling, carbon sequestration), etc for the tree’s purpose.
  • Employee Causes.  As we treat each other as family, we help with each others’ causes wherever possible.  This can range from donations to lending a hand.
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