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Every Second Counts.

By providing early warning, smoke detectors save lives every day. Designed to protect you and your family, smoke alarms are designed to notify you of a fire as soon as possible so you can find your way to safety.

Much more than the smoke detector from your local hardware store.

When the smoke alarm sounds, our complete system simultaneously:

  • Contacts the central station to call the fire department,
  • Turns off the heating and cooling system to avoid spreading smoke throughout the house or feeding the fire with more oxygen,
  • Turns on inside lights for easier escape,
  • Flashes outside lights to make the house easy for authorities to locate.

All in an attempt to give you extra precious seconds to get your family out and get the fire department there for rescue and a chance to save your possessions.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

The number one cause of poisoning death in America, it is invisible, odorless and deadly. It can be emitted not just by your car but from some of the most common appliances in your home. CO detectors can trigger the entire alarm system which can in turn trigger the same events described above for smoke detection to help you reach safety.

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