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Video Analytics

Take video surveillance to the next level with one of the fastest growing categories in security, Video Analytics. It is a huge leap beyond motion detection, cameras and a dvr or nvr.

Think of it as software that watches over your cameras’ video and is designed to report irregularities based on fine-tuned patterns and rules. Get real time alerts without having someone sit in front of camera monitors all day.

Here are but a few examples of what video analytics can send alerts on when added to a residential cctv system:

  • Crossing a virtual tripwire – get alerts when there is movement inside a customized perimeter.
  • Moved object – can watch valuable art for example and send an alert the second it is moved.
  • Loitering – Get a notification if people moving past an area is normal but stopping for a length of time in that spot is not.
  • Camera obstruction – Can warn you when someone paints or otherwise covers a camera
  • To see even more, check out video content analysis for business.

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